The message at the heart of Christianity is pretty simple. (Embedded version needs flash player) On this three-minute video from the Christianity explored website, click on the image to find out what it's all about.

Perhaps we should begin by saying what a Christian is not! A Christian is not someone born in a certain country or into a certain family. They are not necessarily someone who goes to church regularly or even someone who has been baptised. They are certainly not someone who tries hard to live a good life to impress God!

It may seem audacious, but a Christian can claim that they have a personal relationship with God through Jesus as a result of clear promises in the Bible. Put simply; a Christian is someone who has put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and turned to him as their Lord, and who now seeks to live their life loving him and obeying him. A Christian trusts Jesus as the only way they can truly know God and receive his forgiveness now, and the only way they can truly be with God and enjoy eternal life beyond death. 

The message at the heart of Christianity is essentially quite simple - simple enough to be outlined in a few pages


A bit more information

God, our Creator, made us to relate to him. But we've gone our own way and tried to make up our own rules for living. We are rebellious creatures! It's no surprise that things have got messed up. And both the world around us and our own lives bear the scars of our broken relationship with God. 

So we've got a problem - we're imperfect, and there's no way we can meet a perfect, holy God when we die. If we die as we are, what awaits us is the awfulness of eternity cut off from God. 

But God has given us a wonderful way to come back to him. God became a human being in the person of Jesus Christ. And Jesus came, as he said, 'to seek and to save the lost'. Jesus lived a perfect life - he didn't deserve to die. But he was executed, nailed to a wooden cross, in our place. We deserve to be cut off from God, but instead, Jesus took the punishment that is rightly ours and was cut off from God for us. So we can be forgiven by God for having rebelled against him because Jesus has taken the punishment that we deserve in our place. 

But Jesus wasn't cut off from God forever. Three days after Jesus' death, God raised him back to life, and he now reigns over the world, with God, as king. That means that there are only two ways to live our lives. We can live our own way, rejecting the forgiveness that Jesus offers us. The result is that God will remain a mystery to us now, and we will be cut off from him forever when we die. Or we can put our trust in Jesus and accept him as our king. If we do, our relationship with God will be restored now, and we will assuredly be with God beyond death. 

A good way to explore this more is to look at what the Bible says (a modern translation is best). A good place to start is Mark's gospel in the New Testament (it's the shortest gospel). Perhaps just read a few paragraphs each day, although you can read the whole book in not much more than an hour or two. 

Feel free to contact us, and we will endeavour to answer your questions about the Christian faith. Or click Christianity Explored for a presentation that covers many of the common questions people raise.