At St John’s we encourage everybody to take the fantastic opportunity we have today to read accessible Christian books.  There is bound to be something available that would help you to:

  • understand the Bible better 
  • understand the world we live in 
  • learn about discipleship
  • find the answer to problems you may have
  • be inspired as you read about Christian heroes


There is literally something for everyone – for all ages and all reading preferences. Please look at the small bookstall at the back of church and let Rosemary Tadman know if you have a recommendation to make or want her to get you a particular book.

There are also a number of excellent user friendly sites you can access to find what you want and then order on-line. It is great fun to explore what is on offer! Here are some suggestions:


The Good Book Company

Inter-Varsity Press 

Matthias Media

10 of those