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Responsible for the evening service congregation, digital strategy, and young adults.
Luke is married to Miri, lives in EG, has one son called Judah. He became a Christian in his teens and joined St Johns in 2017.
Luke grew up in church and is grateful to his parents for helping him to know Jesus from a young age. During his early teens, he came to understand God’s love and forgiveness for himself which marked a turning point in his life. He is most excited about helping people hear God speak through His Word. Luke and Miri first met and got together at their church youth group around this time and have been married since 2016 when they moved to EG. They have a son called Judah and another baby on the way. Luke enjoys a good debate with friends, reading, eating anything savoury and is currently learning how to ‘enjoy’ exercise as a result.


Luke Markham
Associate Minister (Evening Service)

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