Friday April 16th.

Pray for the work of Tearfund, for health and safety for the workers and for positive steps worldwide to make a united effort to conserve all that is good in the world and provide for the deprived countries and for future generations.
Saturday April 17th.

Pray for all church services tomorrow wherever they may be, and that some who don’t yet know you, our God and Father, will be drawn to hear your word.

Sunday April 18th.

Dear Lord: May the message of the Bible be faithfully proclaimed at St John’s this weekend. May your people be encouraged as they sing and pray to you. May the Holy Spirit be at work in all ages who connect to groups and services. And may Jesus your Son be glorified in all we do. Stir up people’s hearts to put their faith in you and may the truths of your Word bring real joy and peace and hope to people’s lives. Amen.

Monday April 19th.

We give thanks for some of us were able to come together in the church yesterday for the first time this year, and take part in communion, and for all the young people’s activities that took that took place morning and evening. We pray for Connections as they meet this afternoon.  As they look back to the 70s, may they be able to give thanks in their hearts that You have been with them through good and bad times.

Tuesday April 20th.

We pray that the Sunday evening 6pm “Dig Deeper” series will help us all to grow closer to the Lord Jesus in understanding and love.  May we all become more effective “disciple making disciples” in any small way that we can. We pray for faith, courage and a more perfect knowledge of your love for us, and for the ability to pass that on to people we come in contact with.

Wednesday April 21st.

We gives thanks for greater freedom of movement and a slow return to normality, for vaccines, sunshine, lighter nights and all your blessings to us.  Help us not to take all your blessings to us for granted.  We continue to pray for the many who are ill, have lost jobs, homes or are in financial difficulties.

Thursday April 22nd.

We pray for the teachers and pupils as the schools get going again.  Give them wisdom as they try to cover the subjects after a patchwork year, and prepare for exams, and how best to do that as fairly as possible.  We pray about the work on the A22, that people will cope with frustration and delays with patience and calmness.

Friday April 23rd.

We pray for the many countries still suffering massively from CoVid 19, that they will get the vaccines that they need, and wise leadership and guidance as try to keep safe a best they can.  We pray against misinformation and fears concerning the pandemic and the vaccines.

Saturday April 24th.

Above all we pray that Your name be glorified and that Your will be done. We remember local businesses, hotels, restaurants, cafes and leisure facilities as they open up more, and have more human to human contact.  Give us grace to show

Your love in all we do, say, and react to those we have dealings with.

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  • Gift & Kathryn Asiku, working for Wycliffe Bible Translators in Uganda.
  • Andrew & Maria Leake, involved in the creation of care through the Church Missionary Society in Argentina
  • Jony & Jenny Bertin, leading an Anglican Church in Rosario in Argentina
  • Tearfund (The United Mission to Nepal)
  • CPAS (Ventures and Falcon Camps for young people)
  • Church Army (The Marylebone Project providing shelter and support for women in London)
  • Welcare
  • St Catherine's Hospice 


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