Friday Sept 17th

Pray for continued recovery from the Coronavirus  pandemic, especially in poor and remote areas where medical care is scarce and the vaccine hasn’t yet reached. May we who Have plenty be willing and eager to share and help all your people.

Saturday Sept 18th

We continue to pray for the people of Louisianna, recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Ida, and coping with new flash floods and loss of businesses and power supply, and also for some, loss of friends and family members.  May they know your peace, and the Christian message of love and hope reach them in their dark time.

Sunday Sept 19th

Dear Lord: We pray for all those serving at our groups and services this weekend, whether running the tech, leading music, giving the talk, running youth and children’s groups or being involved in other ways. Show me how I might encourage and support someone else this weekend, and would you stir up my heart to be praying for our church and your people, especially during these times. Amen.

Praying for the nations where Christians face the most extreme persecution:

Monday 20th September

  1. North Korea Lord God, it is hard for us to imagine life in North Korea for Christians. But thank You that You will never abandon Your children, and that You are with them whatever they suffer. Please help North Korean believers not just to survive but to be joyful, despite everything – prepare a banquet for them in the presence of their enemies. Amen

Tuesday 21st September 

  1. Afghanistan Dear Lord, please protect the small number of Christians among the millions of people who live in Afghanistan, particularly as they face even more extreme persecution under the Taliban takeover. Thank You that, despite their small number, they have discovered the greatest love in the world. Please keep showing them Your wisdom, mercy and comfort, and give opportunities for believers to meet together, despite the opposition. Provide for all citizens under the extremist Taliban regime. Amen.

Wednesday 22nd September

  1. Somalia

Lord, thank You that You are standing by Somali Christians. However small they are in number, they are loved and cherished by the Almighty. Please encourage those who despair, and bring joy in the face of extraordinary hardship. We also ask that You would convict those who persecute Christians, as you did with the apostle Paul, and show them the truth of the gospel. Amen.

Thursday 23nd September

  1. Libya Lord, we ask for Your blessing on Libya and those who follow You there. Please give strength and perseverance to those who cannot publicly praise You or have any semblance of church life. Protect them from violence and kidnapping, and change the hearts of those who persecute Christians. Amen.

Friday 24th September

  1. Pakistan Father God, it looks almost impossible to follow You in Pakistan, but we know that with You all things are possible. Please draw close to men, women and children who are suffering extreme persecution for their faith, showing them Your love, steadfastness and power. Amen

 Saturday 25th September

  1. Iran Lord, please comfort Christians who have been imprisoned for their faith, that they may know You closely and hear You speaking powerfully to them. Please give Iranian believers opportunities to tell others the good news of Jesus’ love for them. Amen.


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Pray regularly for one of our mission partners.

Why not commit to praying regularly for one of our mission partners. Choose one from the list below and request occasional updates for prayer here. 

  • Gift & Kathryn Asiku, working for Wycliffe Bible Translators in Uganda.
  • Andrew & Maria Leake, involved in the creation of care through the Church Missionary Society in Argentina
  • Jony & Jenny Bertin, leading an Anglican Church in Rosario in Argentina
  • Tearfund (The United Mission to Nepal)
  • CPAS (Ventures and Falcon Camps for young people)
  • Church Army (The Marylebone Project providing shelter and support for women in London)
  • Welcare
  • St Catherine's Hospice 


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