Beginning married life by coming to ask for God’s blessing is the best way to start.

Because marriage is a legal matter, there are several restrictions on choosing a church for the ceremony.  One party must live in the parish (a defined geographical area – see the map here), or be on the Electoral Roll of the church (a membership list, for which you qualify by attending church over a period of 6 months), or have what is termed a ‘qualifying connection’ with the church.  This is explained on the your church wedding website. Please contact the wardens for more information.  The fees for a church wedding at St John’s are in the region of £450. Some people have a civil ceremony first, and then come to church for a service of Prayer and Dedication (usually referred to as a Blessing).  Because that is not a legal matter, the same restrictions do not apply. Because the Christian understanding of marriage is that it is a life-long commitment, there are major issues raised when there has been a previous marriage that ended in divorce.  But please make personal contact to ask about such matters.