Beginning married life by coming to ask for God’s blessing is the best way to start.

Because marriage is a legal matter, there are several restrictions on choosing a church for the ceremony.  One party must live in the parish (a defined geographical area –see blue area on the map below) or be on the Electoral Roll of the church (a membership list, for which you qualify by attending church over a period of 6 months), or have what is termed a ‘qualifying connection’ with the church.  This is explained on your church wedding website. Please contact the wardens for more information.  The fees for a church wedding at St John’s are in the region of £500.  Some people have a civil ceremony first and then come to church for a service of Prayer and Dedication (usually referred to as a Blessing).  Because that is not a legal matter, the same restrictions do not apply. Because the Christian understanding of marriage is that it is a life-long commitment, there are major issues raised when there has been a previous marriage that ended in divorce.  But please make personal contact to ask about such matters.

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