CMS is working in 37 countries worldwide, but St. John’s has links with Andrew and Maria Leake in Salta in northern Argentina and Allan and Anne Lacey . 

The Laceys send regular Link letters every few months which can be obtained from Barbara Cottier, or download a pdf from the CMS website by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephoning 01865 787527.

A proportion of the money raised during the Mission weekend will go to CMS to support the Laceys and to  help the Leakes empower indigenous people of the Salta to secure ownership of their traditional lands.

A small group of CMS supporters meets on the third Friday each month in Ebbisham Court, Whittington College to pray. New folk are always welcome to join us.

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Barbara Cottier


Allan and Anne Lacey, who have served two terms with CMS in NW Uganda, have now returned to the UK for their postponed retirement. They will spend the next few months catching up with family and friends, settling into their home in Leicester, and visiting their various link churches. They are due to be visiting us at St John's on 16th March 2014.


ANDREW & MARIA LEAKE have worked in Northern Argentina for many years, first with SAMS but now under the aegis of CMS since the merger of the two societies. They are engaged in the long-running campaign to support the rights of the local indigenous people in Salta Province, whose homelands and natural resources are threatened by widespread commercial deforestation and agriculture. They are now engaged in the process of buying up land to be protected and conserved for the Indian population, to preserve their way of life and provide sustainability. Their eldest son, Tomas, is at university in Cordoba; Cecilia, now 16, is looking at options for higher education, and Carolina (13) is at a local school.


Barbara Cottier distributes their prayer letters, and further information can be obtained from Philip and Rosemary Tadman who have long-standing links with South America.


October Prayer letter

Dear Friends

There are three items for which we would value your prayers.

1: Andrew will travel to Cordoba, and will be meeting with people from the Anglican Church in Buenos Aires to discuss future possibilities for the Allen Gardiner Center (AGC). The AGC was established as an orphanage decades ago, and has in recent years been used for school camps and conferences. These have included numerous camps at which a friend, Maurice Rumboll, has run highly successful activities aimed at enabling young people to understand and care for the environment. 

Maurice´s work has demonstrated the amazing potential the AGC has for developing the Church’s ministry in caring for creation. It is our hope, and that of many others, that this potential may be fulfilled. We are therefore grateful to Bishop Greg Venables for his support in us being involved in these discussions. Please pray for this meeting and that we may discern God’s will for the future of the AGC.

2: Andrew will be providing technical assistance to several indigenous communities located near a town called Dragones, deep in the Chaco. A Buenos Aires based businessman is proposing to clear approximately 20.000 acres of forest right next to where they live. These communities have already suffered the effects of previous deforestation and the new project is set to make things worse.

Land for Life has obtained the details of the proposed deforestation project and will be sharing these with the communities and Tepeyac, a Catholic Mission organization that is keen on helping the Indians defend their rights to a healthy environment.

Land for Life will seek to help the communities and Tepeyac understand the proposed project, evaluate the consequences and then define what action they might be able to take.

3: We have been blessed with support that will allow us to replace our 13 year-old truck. However, Argentina’s amazingly complex tax laws are making the decision of what and when to purchase a bit of challenge. There are also potential difficulties with the tax man as a result of Argentina’s rather complex revenue system. Please pray for clarity on this issue and that we may find an appropriate vehicle soon, as we have much travelling to do in the coming year.

Andrew and Maria Leake