Natasha Kasprowicz is known to many of us, as she grew up at St John's. She had a major lifestyle change, moving from Russia where for six years she had been working with students in St Peterburg under the auspices of IFES, to London where she is now doing similar work with the 'parent' organisation, UCCF. She is based mainly at University College, but joins with colleagues to reach students in all London's Universities, and they are planning a London-wide Mission. She also has opportunities to return to Russia and Eastern Europe on outreach events from time to time. It was good to hear her news first-hand when she visited St John's at the end of May, and we look forward to having more visits now she's living in London!  Dan and Suzy Callaway have just agreed to be the new church links for Natasha.

From UCCF website: Natasha studied Russian at the University of St Andrews and was exiled to the city of Irkutsk in Eastern Siberia for her year abroad. She worked with the IFES team and following graduation returned to Russia to work with IFES for a further 7 years. Based in St Petersburg she travelled extensively throughout Russia – and had many adventures along the way!

Natasha moved back to the UK to work as Assistant Team Leader for two years before taking up her current role as London Team Leader in August 2010. Natasha had never lived in London prior to working with UCCF. She has grown to love this amazing city and is passionate about reaching the world on our door step. London has more international students than any other city in the world.