Tearfund works through churches and Christian agencies to open up brighter futures for the world's poorest communities, and to see lives and situations transformed by God''s love through the generosity of Christian people. It also responds to world emergencies, providing vital supplies of aid and medical equipment to disaster areas, and supplying food and shelter through local organisations to avoid delays.

Gordon and Brenda Wilkinson are the South East Reps, and also sell Tearcraft goods at local events. They have also sold almost 3000 copies of their book, ''Recipes for Disaster''. See them for a copy - they also make excellent Christmas presents, all in aid of Tearfund!

Brenda and Gordan said: "Please join with us to give thanks for the wonderful support that we have received for our cookbook, Recipes for Disaster... Relief and Development. We have now reached our target, which was to raise £25,000 from sales of the cookbook. Thank you to everyone who contributed recipes or tested them for us and especially to Jon Toogood who  donated his design talents and turned it into a publication of which we could be really proud."

Representatives: Gordon and Brenda Wilkinson

St. John’s becomes a Connected Church

St. John’s has become one of Tearfund’s Connected Churches with a special link to World Relief Cambodia (WRC).  Asked why this is so special, Brenda Wilkinson explains: “We will develop closer links with WRC and learn about their work in greater detail. And we’ll get regular updates about the projects they are running and learn how people’s lives are being transformed. As we learn more about Cambodia and its problems and feel more connected to WRC we will have the opportunity to ask Tearfund to arrange for a small group from our church family to go and see WRC projects for ourselves”

WRC runs a wide range of projects addressing many local concerns. These range from food security, education and healthcare to raising awareness of the dangers of child trafficking – all of which show God’s love for the poor. Brenda adds: “I would particularly like to tell you about a 15 year-old girl called Srey Noch who lives in Puk Reusey village in Cambodia”. As usual for most teenage girls, growing up Srey Noch spent most of her time with her friends. However, as she got older she began to stay away from home, avoid helping her family with the housework, and became very rude towards them. She was causing trouble at home and her parents really struggled to look after her. It is funny how God guides us to the right places. Srey Noch and her friends used to hang out every weekend, watching a puppet show in their community. They always loved it. After a few months she got chatting to the group putting on the show. It turned out they were from World Relief Cambodia! They invited Srey Noch and her friends to some of the events they put on for teenagers. Srey Noch and her friends went along to one of their events and have continued to do so. They are always fun and a place to build good friendships, but also have a teaching element. The teaching topics ranges from anti-trafficking to healthcare and to spiritual well-being. Through the love shown to her - a troublesome teenager - Srey Noch found Jesus. Asking Him into her life was a world-changing moment for her. “After I accepted Jesus, my life was transformed. Jesus calls us to a different way of life and I realised that I should love everyone, including my family - even when they asked me to do housework! Now we have a much better relationship and I am looking forward to joining a cell-church”.

Brenda particularly liked the idea that the children were reached through the puppet shows as we have Bruno and Soli at St. John’s to help us teach our young people about Jesus. She concludes: “Through the Connected Church Scheme we will learn about many more lives that have been transformed by WRC and we will be hearing about projects that need our prayers. It will be such an encouragement for us to know that our prayers and Financial support are helping to bring about these changes”. As a Tearfund Connected Church, we will be sharing regular updates about WRC as we receive them.


A team from St John’s visited Cambodia in January 2018, to see first-hand the work that’s being done to plant cell churches in remote communities, and provide teaching and resources for the leaders; and to offer advice and practical teaching on trafficking, abuse, health and hygiene, nutrition and childcare, and savings schemes. A gifted team of children’s workers also teaches about health and hygiene with the help of puppets, and shares the love of God through songs, Bible verses and drama.