Additional Missions not (World mission Gift Day)

Church representative: Lis Woolley

Care is a self-funding charity run entirely by volunteers with the aim of providing practical help to people living in East Grinstead, Lingfield, Dormansland, Ashurst Wood, Felbridge, Crowhurst, Blindley Heath, Newchapel or South Godstone. It was established in 1988 by members of local churches, including St John’s, as a means of Christian outreach. It seeks to help people within the community in practical ways, such as providing help with shopping, transport to medical appointments or to visit a friend or relation in a hospital or a nursing home in the area.

The Duty Officer is available on 01342 410086 between 9 am and 2 pm any weekday.

Churches Together initiatives in East Grinstead include the Foodbank, Street Pastors, CARE and the Credit Union.

East Grinstead & District Credit Union has become part of West Sussex Credit Union, which claims to offer a safer and cheaper alternative to high street sources such as payday loans, doorstep lenders and loan sharks. http://www.careineastgrinstead.co.uk/