01. Jesus Authority
Title: Jesus' Authority Reading: John 8:12-30 The summer teaching series through John chapters 8-12 begins this Sunday. Please read John 8:12-30 before the service and think about this question as you do: Q Jesus makes a mind-blowing statement in 8:12 but why does the conversation then take a different direction
01.  Jesus Authority
02. Jesus Judgement
03. Jesus Claim
04. The Light of the World
05. Spiritual Sight
06. Blindness_and_Sight
07. Life to the Full
08. The Good Shepherd
09. Acceptance and Rejection
10. Glory and Compassion
11. Glory and power
12. Jesus is Anointed
13. Jesus is Praised
14. The hour has come
15. Belief and Unbelief
16. Whats your favourite character, chapter and quote?