Does what Christians believe actually make any sense?

This popular and accessible 6-week course run by St John’s Felbridge explores 6 common questions:

  1. Can we trust the Bible? 
  2. Can we believe the resurrection? 
  3. What about other religions and morality? 
  4. Did God Create the universe?  
  5. Is the Bible compatible with science/evolution? 
  6. How can a good God allow suffering and evil?

Starting Thursday 14 January at 8pm on zoom.

When Peter writes, “Always be prepared to give a defense (apologia) for the hope that is within you,” he is teaching that Christians must be willing and able to communicate the Gospel persuasively to their neighbours.

The course is led by Joe Clease.

Register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow the links below to attend.

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Join Online

Step 2) Then press "join from your browser" at the bottom of the page you are directed to.
Alternatively you can try to join using:
Meeting ID: 890 3712 9809
Passcode: SJFExplore

The meeting will run from 8pm-930pm on Thursday evenings, starting this week for 6 weeks.

All are welcome.