We have left these talks on the website so you can catch up on what you missed!

These talks on the topic of Dementia were open to any in the community who wanted to come to think about how we can understand and best support those living with this illness. Each session began with an evening meal, followed by a talk (titles and speakers below), and opportunity for questions and discussion.


Thursday 2 November

What is Dementia? Dr Stephen Bellamy – Local GP

Thursday 9 November

Communicating with People Living with Dementia. Ruth Meltz – Pilgrim Friends Society & Manager of Millward House Care Home

Thursday 16 November

Knowing God through Dementia. Tricia Williams (Scripture Union) – An author who has produced Bible engagement resources for people living with dementia

Thursday 23 November

Glorious Opportunity.

Dr Jennifer Bute – A retired GP helping people understand Alzheimer’s though her own experience

Practical and Spiritual Insights.

Louise Morse (Pilgrim Friends' Society) – A published writer and counsellor specialising in the effects on those caring for a loved one with dementia

Thursday 30 November

Becoming a Dementia Friend.

Learning about what it's like living with dementia and turning that understanding into action


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