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Autumn 2019 

Evening Services at 6pm

Tea and cakes are served beforehand from 5:30pm in the church

Youth groups for 11-18s meet during this service


The themes for our services this term will be following The Bible Course as we explore how the different characters, events and books of the Bible fit together as one story. We will be making the journey from Genesis at the beginning of the Bible to Revelation at the end to understand the big picture of God's love and promises for the world. We're very excited about the impact of this, not only at our Sunday services but also home groups and youth and children's groups.   


The Bible Course


Why not come and join us for these talks this term?

Autumn 2019

The Bible Course

DECEMBER 01 Tree of Light Service
  08 TBC Revelation
  15 TBC The Bible Course Review
  22 Christmas Carol Service
  29 Book of James: Wisdom for life

 Spring 2020

JANUARY 05 Café Church Exodus in Reverse
  12 Romans 7-8: Addicted
  19 Romans 7-8: Addicted
  226 Romans 7-8: Addicted
FEBRUARY 02 Café Church Guest speaker: Jay Colwill
  09 Vision Review
  16 Vision Renewal
  23 Vision Resourcing
MARCH 01 eyewitness John 1:1-18
  08 eyewitness John 1:19-34
  15 eyewitness John 1:35-51
  22 eyewitness John 2:1-12
  29 eyewitness John 2:13-25
APRIL 05 Youth Service
  12 Easter Sunday
  19 eyewitness John 3:1-21
  26 eyewitness John 4:1-30