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 Winter/Spring 2017





Teaching series: Prepare to Suffer

How can we prepare for suffering in life so that it does not end up destroying us, or being the thing that defines us?

That’s what our teaching is all about this term: a biblical, God-centred vision of suffering which is deeply connected to Christ’s suffering. We’ll see how God uses suffering in our lives to build something powerful, to speak into the lives of others, and to light up the future God has in store for us – and as we go we’ll be treading in the footsteps of Christ in his suffering that led to the cross 

The Bible is very real about suffering. It's not embarrassed about it, it does not hide it away for fear that it will discredit God, it does not try to minimise the very real pain that it brings. But what it says gives suffering real meaning in our lives so that we can endure when it hits us hard

One Christian author is right when he observes that in the moment of agony, teaching is not what people need or can even often handle – that needs to happen beforehand while the mind is clear and the body not racked with pain. So this term we are preparing to suffer.


Evening Services at 6pm

TEA served from 5:30pm

Youth groups for 11 - 18s


JAN 01 Trusting God
  08 Celebrating Volunteers
  15 Suffering Builds
  22 Suffering Speaks
  29 Suffering Illuminates
FEB 05 Café Communion Jonah: On the run
  12 The suffering of Christ PRIMED
  19 The suffering of Christ DISTRESSED
   26 The suffering of Christ BETRAYED
 MAR 05  Café Communion Jonah: Hit rock bottom
  12  The suffering of Christ VICTIMISED
  19  The suffering of Christ DISOWNED
  26 The suffering of Christ HUMILIATED
 APR 02  Café Communion Jonah: A  second chance
  09 The suffering of Christ CRUCIFIED
  16 Easter Celebration