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Summer 2017

The teaching theme this term focuses on parts of the Old Testament that are less well-read, like Ezra, Amos and Chronicles. We’ll see the experiences of God’s people in situations that are actually not too dissimilar to ours today.

Alongside this at our monthly cafe-style communion services, we're concluding our teaching on the story of Jonah before hearing from two people about their experiences of studying science as a Christian and going through suffering as a Christian.   

Evening Services at 6pm

TEA served from 5:30pm

Youth groups for 11 - 18s


MAY 07 Café-style Communion Jonah The twist in the tail
  14 When lacking courage: Ezra 1
  21 When lacking courage: Ezra 3
  28 When lacking courage: Ezra 4
JUN 04 Café-style Communion Jonah and Jesus
  11 Churches Together Celebration Service
  18  When convictions grow cold: 2 Chronicles 34
  25  When convictions grow cold: 2 Chronicles 35
 JUL 02 Café-style Communion Life Story Studying Science as a Christian
  09  When conscious of failure: 2 Samuel 12
  16  When feeling complacent as a Christian: Amos 2
  23  When feeling complacent as a Christian: Amos 5
  30  When feeling complacent as a Christian: Amos 9
 AUG 06 Café-style Communion Life Story Going through Suffering as a Christian
  13 When facing pressure to conform: Daniel 1
  20 When facing pressure to conform: Daniel 3
  27 When facing pressure to conform: Daniel 6