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Autumn teaching theme: 1 Peter 

The 6 pm service is meeting back in the church building - please book your space in advance and don't forget to bring your Bible and face mask (and if you didn't get a space for this weekend, do book up for next Sunday and for future weeks).

The Bible teaching for this term is from 1 Peter. Someone has summarized this book of the Bible in this way: You are different, so be different, in order to make a difference for God in the world.

This desire to fit in with the crowd or to have an easier life that we read about in 1 Peter is not too different to the sort of cultural atmosphere we are living in today. We also face the same struggle as Peter's readers, tempted to live by the world's standards or seek the approval of those around us. Few of us are physically persecuted for being Christians in this country, but anyone who is open about their faith may well be familiar with the insults and behind-your-back mutterings that Peter is referencing. Come and explore how we can be different and make a difference as we live our lives for Christ.


New Safety Guidelines for Sunday Services