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Spring 2019

Morning Services at 10am

Coffee is served in the church hall afterwards

Children's Groups for 0-11s meet during the 10am service

Our main Sunday teaching series this term is John 13-17 Mentored by the Master.

If you could be mentored by anyone who would you choose?

It probably depends on what field you'd like to be mentored in. But to be mentored in living life fully devoted to God, surely Jesus would be top of the list by a mile! So what if we had the opportunity to be mentored by Jesus? I think we do.

What we find in John chapters 13-17 is Jesus mentoring his friends so they know and have all they need to live for him. He has an evening of calm with them all the night before everything is going to kick off; the following day he will be put to death on a cross. We have their conversations recorded at length, covering as range of topics, and I want to suggest that as we listen to and learn from these words today, we too can be mentored by the Master, Jesus himself, for living life faithfully and courageously for him in the world today.

Why not come and join us for these talk this term?

JAN 06 All Age Service Who will be king? (church lunch)
  13  Having VISION
  20  Investing MONEY
  27  Using SKILLS
FEB 03 All Age Service The Asikus (church lunch)
  10  Mentored by the Master John 13
  17  Mentored by the Master John 14:1-14
  24  Mentored by the Master John 14:15-31
MAR 03 All Age Service Close to Jesus (church lunch)
  10  Mentored by the Master John 14:15-31
  17  Mentored by the Master John 16:1-15
  24  Mentored by the Master John 16:16-33
  31 All Age Service  Mother's Day 
APR 07  Mentored by the Master John 17:1-5 (church lunch)
  14  Mentored by the Master John 17:6-26
  21 All Age Service Easter Day