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Summer & Autumn 2017


The teaching theme this summer focuses on parts of the Old Testament that are less well-read, like Ezra, Amos and Chronicles. We’ll see the experiences of God’s people in situations that are actually not too dissimilar to ours today.

At our All Age Services on the first Sunday of each month, we'll be learning from a few of Jesus's favourite stories that he told to people to teach us about God. 


Morning Services at 10am                 

Coffee after the service

Children’s groups for 0-11s  -----After Sunday - 23rd July the Sunday groups for the Youth and Children will be having a break.  There will be activity packs in church (colouring/puzzles) and the creche room will be available.....but no designated creche helpers.   Children's groups will re-commence on Sunday 10th September....we are already planning an exciting Autumn term.


AUG 06 All Age Service: Jesus's Favourite Stories: Two very different debt-collectors 
  13 When facing pressure to conform: Daniel 1
  20 When facing pressure to conform: Daniel 3
  27 When facing pressure to conform: Daniel 6

 Autumn 2017

SEP 03 All Age Service: Glory (with lunch)
  10 ENGAGE: Abortion & Assisted Dying
  24 ENGAGE: Terrorism
OCT 01  Harvest All Age Service (with lunch)
  08 World Mission Gift Day
  15  REFORMED: Faith & Grace Alone
  22 REFORMED: The Bible Alone
  29 REFORMED: Christ Alone
NOV 05  Toy Service (with lunch)
  12 Remembrance Service
  19 HOW TO become a Christian
  26  HOW TO know I’m a Christian
DEC  03 Advent All Age Service (with lunch)
  10 HOW TO grow as a Christian
  17 HOW TO go as a Christian
  25 Christmas Day All Age Service
  31 New Year’s Eve Reflection & Thanksgiving