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Autumn 2018

Morning Services at 10am

Coffee is served in the church hall afterwards

Children's Groups for 0-11s meet during the 10am service

Our main Sunday teaching series this term is going deep as we dive into the book of Ezekiel in the Bible. It's one of those books that doesn't get read too often but every word is from God and we'll be seeing its relevance to our lives today. We will come face-to-face with the living God, and don't be surprised to discover that he's dangerous! But also merciful and the one who gives extraordinary hope to us as he puts his plans for the world into action. Just because disaster strikes, as it had done for God's people in Ezekiel's time, does not mean God has deserted us.  

Alongside this on the first Sunday of each month at our All Age Services, we'll be looking at examples in history of ordinary people who, because of their faith in Jesus, have done some extraordinary things for God: George Muller, William Wilberforce, Corrie Ten Boon and Rosa Parks to name a few.

Look out for our Harvest and Toy services this term, as well as World Mission Gift Day and Remembrance Sunday.  


SEP 09 Spiritual Healthcheck (church lunch)
  16 Ezekiel 1       A vision of God
  23 Ezekiel 2-3    A mission from God
  30 Ezekiel 10     God on the way out
OCT 07 Harvest All Age Service (church lunch)
  14 World Mission Gift Day (speaker: Moira Astin)
  21 Ezekiel 18     Justice is served
  28 Ezekiel 34     Our shepherd is the Lord
NOV 04 All Age Toy Service (church lunch)
  11 Remembrance Sunday
  18 Ezekiel 36    A new spirit and heart
  25 Ezekiel 37    Life in place of death
DEC 02 All Age Service (church lunch)
  09 Ezekiel 43   The return of the Lord
  16 Ezekiel 48   The God who is there
  23 Spiritual Healthcheck
  25 Christmas Day All Age Service
  30 Morning Service