Being a Rainbow, Brownie, or Guide is lots of fun and a great way of making friends. 1st Felbridge (St John’s) Rainbows Brownies and Guides meet weekly in the church hall.


Rainbows are girls aged five to seven years old. Being a Rainbow is all about having lots of fun. At our meetings, we do many things like play games, go outside, make things, sing songs and listen to stories. Most of all Rainbows look, learn, laugh and love. Sometimes we go to special places, or have parties. There are always exciting things to do, and it is great seeing your Rainbow friends.


Brownies is all about having loads of fun and a huge adventure! To be a Brownie you just have to be a girl aged between seven and ten years old. Brownies get to try new things from cooking to craft to climbing and weekends away.


Guides are a group of girls aged ten and over and there are millions of us around the world! We get together regularly to do many exciting things and generally have a good laugh. Guides go places, and we do not just mean down the high street. We are talking serious national and international travel. Guides get a say and make things happen.

As Guides, we look out for our mates and ourselves. We also get to make great friends out of school.

For more details about Rainbows, Brownies or Guides in Felbridge contact Ann or Louise Tucker on 01342 317283 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Visit Felbridge Rainbows Brownies and Guides website.