St John's is a family friendly church; we always welcome new members.

In the church there is a family corner with toys and books for any young children who prefer to stay with their parents throughout the service.

First Sunday of the month is our All Age Service………45minutes of family friendly worship and teaching.
Other Sundays we have groups for children aged 0-10 in the morning, and Youth aged 10-18 in the evening. 

The Rock: Sunday Morning Groups

Gems: a happy safe place for all children aged 0-3.

We have a lovely range of toys, books, playdough and friendly creche helpers.

Do ask our welcoming team if you need directions or further information.

Pebbles and Boulders: our exciting groups for children aged 3-10.

We meet in the church hall, which is adjacent to the church, where there are always activities out from 9.50am to welcome the children. Our session begins at 10.00am with lively worship, teaching, games, films, craft.

Autumn term Bible course

This term we are learning about the story of the WHOLE BIBLE using lots of fun creative resources. Do come and join us.

15-Sept 1 Creation  Genesis 1 -2.3
22-Sept 2 The Fall  Genesis 3
29-Sept 3 Abraham  Genesis 12-21
13-Oct 4 World Mission gift day  
20-Oct 5 David  1 Samuel 16 1-13 2 Samuel 7
27-Oct 6 Solomon  1 Kings 11 1-10
10-Nov 7 Exile  2 Kings 24 8-16
17-Nov 8 Jesus birth  Luke 1 and 2
24-Nov 9 Jesus death and resurrection  
8-Dec 10 Revelation  
15-Dec 11 Review  
22-Dec 12    

After our initial time of worship and teaching we divide into 2 groups within the hall – Pebbles and Boulders. We join the adults in church towards the end of the Morning Service. If any children are uncertain about staying on their own parents are welcome to stay with them.

We use multimedia to help communicate the Bible.

All our leaders and helpers are DBS checked and receive safeguarding training.

BOSS for young people aged 10- 18.  We meet most Sundays 17:30 till 19:30, beginning in the hall with food and activities at 17.30
visit the felbridgeyouth page for more info. We also have other week day groups for Youth, see Verve

For more information about All Age Services, or any of our children's and youth groups, contact: Diane Francis (Youth team leader) or Luke Markham (Youth Minister).