St John's supports different charities and mission partners, both at home and abroad. As a church, we pledge to give away at least 10% of our income to Mission, most of which is given at our Mission Gift Day. 


GIFT AND KATHRYN ASIKU – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Uganda.

They have recently returned to Uganda (Gift's home country) after spending some time in the UK for Gift to gain further qualifications. They are both involved in supporting the ministry of Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture use in Uganda, where every region has a different language/dialect, so that each person can access God's Word in their own tongue. They have recently celebrated the dedication of the New Testament in one of the northern languages.  Their two young boys, James and Simon-Peter, are both at Nursery School.

Church Reps: Chris and Lindsey Saunders.

Andrew and Maria Leake– Link Partners with CMS (Church Mission Society),

They have worked in the Chaco region of N. Argentina for many years, campaigning for the land rights of the local Wichi Indian population whose traditional way of life and means of support is being threatened by the massive de-forestation of the region for commercial agricultural projects, which force them from their homelands.  They have three children – Tomas and Cecilia  at University, and Carolina at school locally.

Our church rep is Barbara Cottier, who also worked with CMS in East Africa.  Barbara distributes their prayer letters, and further information can be obtained from Phil and Rosemary Tadman who have long-standing links with South America.

Other Agencies:

Church Army

Trains and sends evangelists to work in Anglican churches and projects in the UK and abroad. For several years we have supported the Marylebone Project  in London, which provides a safe centre for vulnerable women and offers them help, training and support to move back into the community.

Di Giles, Church Army Sister, is our church rep.

CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society)

Provides advice and resources for churches, and has a range of youth groups, as well as organising Christian holidays for young people during the summer.

If you'd like to know more, or find out about the holiday camps, speak to our church rep Glen Jones.

Scripture Union

Provides a wide range of resources and Bible-Reading Notes for all ages, and also have an excellent interactive website –  

Bible Reading Notes, in various formats and for all ages, are available from Gill Matson.


Works through local churches and Christian agencies to help the world's poorest communities – through advocacy; social justice; the right to safe housing, clean water and enough food; long-term development projects; and disaster prevention and management. They also sell locally-made craft through their 'Created' range, which can be ordered through our reps, 

Gordon and Brenda Wilkinson are the Southeast Reps, and also sell 'Created' fairly-traded craft goods at local events. Prayer updates are displayed in the church porch each week.


A local charity, working with families who are in need of practical help and support, and providing food, toys, clothing, debt management advice, counselling and friendship. Each Christmas we hold a 'Toy Service' to provide some happiness for impoverished families and demonstrate Christian love.

Speak to our rep, Caroline Kettlewell, for more information.

St Catherine's Hospice

Well-known to many of us in Crawley, provides palliative care to people with progressive, life-threatening illness, offering them the opportunity to live life as fully as possible and to die with dignity. As well as in-patient care, they have a Day Centre and provide community care. The Chaplaincy Team has an important role in the Hospice.

Each December we hold a 'Tree of Light' service for the local community, in memory of loved ones who have died.

Jenny Young is a volunteer at the Hospice, and has plenty of information.