GIFT AND KATHRYN ASIKU – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Uganda.

Gift & Kathryn Asiku & family, serving as Language Programmes Coordinator (Gift) and Literacy & Scripture Engagement Assistant (Kathryn)


They have recently returned to Uganda (Gift's home country) after spending some time in the UK for Gift to gain further qualifications. They are both involved in supporting the ministry of Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture use in Uganda, where every region has a different language/dialect, so that each person can access God's Word in their own tongue. They have recently celebrated the dedication of the New Testament in one of the northern languages.  Their two young boys, James and Simon-Peter, are both at Nursery School.

Church Reps: Chris and Lindsey Saunders.


Prayer support is a fundamental part of our ministry, please continue to keep the ministry of Bible Translation and language development in your prayers.