GIFT AND KATHRYN ASIKU – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Uganda.



Gift & Kathryn Asiku & family, serving as Language Programmes Coordinator (Gift) and Literacy & Scripture Engagement Assistant (Kathryn)

They both work in the Wycliffe office in Entebbe, Uganda; Gift (who is Ugandan) is engaged with supervising and checking the Bible translation projects with a team of translators, working on translations of the Old and New Testament in some of the 42 languages spoken in Uganda. Kathryn is involved with literacy work, producing and editing literacy books and Scripture materials which are then distributed through the local churches. They have two sons, James and Simon Peter, who are both at a local Primary School.

Latest newsletter October 2020

Church Reps: Chris and Lindsey Saunders.


Prayer support is a fundamental part of our ministry, please continue to keep the ministry of Bible Translation and language development in your prayers.