Photo of Miriam

Miriam Markham

Discipleship Leader

Responsible for overseeing small groups, leading the vision team and working alongside women in the church.

Miriam is married to Luke, lives in East Grinstead and has one son called Judah. Miriam became a Christian at age 12 and joined St John’s in 2016.

Miriam grew up abroad and moved around several different countries in her formative years. Her family are Christian’s and always taught her about God and were committed to Churches in each of the countries they lived in. This gave Miriam an amazing grounding in her faith. At age 12 she came to a better understanding of the wonder of God and His power and decided to commit to following Jesus for the rest of her life. Miriam is excited to help others through the church to know and love God more. Miriam and Luke first met in their church youth group as teenagers, they got married in 2016 and moved to East Grinstead. They have a son called Judah and another baby on the way. Miriam loves being creative and enjoys knitting, sewing and making jewellery as well as most other crafts, and particularly enjoys chatting, having dinner and playing board games with friends.