Guide for communion

1. Please come prepared with a piece of bread (any shape or size) and either a glass of wine or fruit juice (it doesn’t have to be red although we do recommend avoiding more elaborate drinks like fizzy drinks or spirits in order to keep things as close as possible to how Jesus intended it to be).

2. When receiving communion, we remember Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. But also, by eating and drinking, it signifies that I personally have a part in Jesus’s death, that the benefits of it apply to me. This of course is true for those who have put their faith in him. Therefore, communion is something that is only for believers. Others are welcome to join us on zoom but only those who believe should receive the bread and wine.

3. For young people who have been baptised or confirmed or renewed baptism vows at an age where they have made this choice for themselves, please encourage them to be involved and share the bread and wine/juice with them. For children who have not yet done this, then perhaps take the opportunity as parents to say a short prayer for them at the point when we receive communion.

4. As we gather on zoom, I will share words from the Bible and some prayers in preparation, then we will receive the bread at the same time in our homes, and then likewise the wine or juice. Although it won’t be quite the same as when we are physically gathered, I have no doubt this will be very meaningful as once again we remember Jesus’s sacrifice for us, that which unites us as a church even at this time when we are physically apart.

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Good Friday Communion on Zoom 11:30

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11:30am Communion on zoom

Good Friday Communion Time: Apr 2, 2021 11:30 AM London
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