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10am All Age Service
Meeting in church and live-streamed on our website and YouTube channel.
Title: Jesus is anointed
Reading: John 12:1-11
No need to book in advance with the church office.

6pm Evening Service 
Title: Ruth chapter 4 through Naomi's eyes
No need to book but just sign-in on arrival.

The children's and youth groups are on summer break and will restart on Sunday 12th September.
Please read John 12:1-11 before this Sunday's morning service and think about this question as you do:

Q Why do you think Jesus says, "You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me," as a reason for Mary to not sell her expensive perfume and give the money to the poor?

This Sunday you will need: a pencil, a sheet of paper, and something that is meaningful or valuable or important to you (perhaps a favourite toy, book, or something else!).
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The church in a post-pandemic world 

Click here to read PART 1
Click here to read PART 2

A note of clarification about part 2 from last week:
The paragraph and bullet points about the livestream, and specifically about who it is for and who it is not for, is looking ahead to the time when we have moved beyond the pandemic. We recognise that we are currently in a transitional time where some are not yet ready to physically attend a service but would like to continue to be part of things as they watch the livestream. This is of course absolutely fine!

PART 3 coming soon...
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Meeting ID: 745 0932 8942 Passcode: zZYUA1


The Olympics provide an opportunity every four years for the global church to focus prayer on the host nation.
2021 is Japan's moment to be prayed for.

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