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Summer 2019

Morning Services at 10am

Coffee is served in the church hall afterwards

Children's Groups for 0-11s meet during the 10am service

Our talks on a Sunday this term are all about refocusing on the foundations of what Christians believe. In our creeds and prayers at services, we often make various statements of faith - but what lies beneath these things and what is the basis for believing them?

Going through topics such as the Bible, New Birth, Justification, Humanity and Worship among others, we hope and pray this will build clarity on the essentials but also stretch us all as we dig deep into what we actually believe and why.  

Autumn 2019

The Bible Course


Why not come and join us for these talks this term?

AUGUST 04 All Age Service  Philemon and Forgiveness
  11 Church: Imperfect but loved
  18 Worship: A big deal
  25 Missions: A task unfinished
SEPTEMBER 01 All Age Service Philemon and Forgiveness
     Autumn 2019
  08 The Bible Course (church lunch)
  15 TBC Creation
  22 TBC Covenant
  29 TBC Exodus & Promised Land
OCTOBER 06 Harvest All Age Service  (church lunch)
  13 World Mission Gift Day
  20 TBC Judges & Kings
  27 TBC Exile & Prophets
NOVEMBER 03 Toy Service (church lunch)
  10 Remembrance Sunday
  17 TBC Jesus & the Gospels
  24 TBC Acts & the Church
DECEMBER 01 Advent All Age Service (church lunch)
  08 TBC Revelation
  15 TBC The Bible Course Review
  22 Book of James: Words of Power
  29 Book of James: Wisdom for life