We believe that God changes lives.

We believe that God changes people’s eternal destinies and radically transforms their lives here and now. The gospel message tells us that God loved the people of the world so much that he sent his Son to die so that we might live – in the death of Jesus Christ is forgiveness, freedom, and a restored relationship with God our Father for all who will believe in him.

We believe the Bible is exciting and powerful.

We make no excuse for putting the Bible at the heart of all we do.  We believe it is God’s clear and reliable Word to us today – and our world needs the Word of God today more than ever. In the Bible, God reveals his timeless truth about himself, about us, and his plan for the world. As the Bible impacts our lives, we grow in our relationship with God and our trust in him.

We believe we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

We unite with all believers across the whole world and in history as the body of Christ. We are a local Anglican church (in the Diocese of Southwark) and adhere to the historic teaching of the Church of England, as summarised in the thirty-nine Articles of Religion. We welcome people from any denominational background and join evangelical churches across all denominations as members of the Sussex Gospel Partnership.

We believe we are on a mission with the living God.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing God at work today, changing people’s eternal destinies and radically transform their lives. God calls us each to be a part of this day today, to be on mission with him reaching out to Felbridge, East Grinstead and beyond. It may involve sacrifice, it may take us to the wire, it may even hurt, but there is nothing more exciting!