Prayer is a vital part of our life as a church. We believe that God delights to hear and answer prayer, which is a crucial part of everything we do.

Prayer meetings

Described as the “engine room” of the church, our monthly prayer meetings are where we gather as God’s people to pray for our world, community, and church. These occur directly after the Sunday morning service at 11:30 am in the church hall on the second Sunday of each month. They are open to anyone, and we encourage everyone to come along. Please connect via Zoom for those who can’t be there in person. We pray for different areas and topics each month, and there are always activities for children so that families can get involved, too.

Prayer Chain

To keep us praying for one another as a church family, we send an email out weekly with requests for personal prayer from congregation members. If you would like to request to be on the prayer chain for any given week or to receive the weekly email if you don’t already, please get in touch with the office who will be in touch (you will also need to have completed a church GDPR form). Due to the personal nature of the requests, the prayer chain is not made publicly available, and we would not grant permission to receive it from someone not known to us.

Other opportunities to pray

Prayer themes

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Prayer Calendar

Receive daily prayer prompts in your calendar: please get in touch with the office for more details. Prayer during our services: All our services include a time of corporate prayer that a church member leads.

Prayer after the service

Opportunity to be prayed for by a member of the prayer team.  

Would you like us to pray for you?

Please feel free to submit a request to be shared in confidence with members of our leadership team, who will be praying for you.

Submit a Prayer Request. Please get in touch with the office for more details.

Prayer Calendar

Monday, 26 Feb 24

We give thanks for the Youth in our church and for the Weekend Away just passed. May the teaching and fellowship bring all who attended closer to Jesus and have a lasting influence on their lives and spiritual growth. May Connections Praise today be a blessing to all.

Tuesday, 27 Feb 24

In a world where we are encouraged to take every opportunity that comes our way, may Paul´s letter to Titus help us find self control and wisdom in all we do. We remember all the housegroups as they meet and study God´s word.

Wednesday, 28 Feb 24

We pray for our politicians as we get nearer a general election. May they think long term benefit to the whole country and not focus too much on getting elected. Help them and us to keep our promises.

Thursday, 29 Feb 24

We pray for East Grinstead and area as the population increases and local services are put under great stress. May we find opportunities to contact and welcome in the name of Jesus new people coming into the area.

Friday, 01 Mar 24

We commit the whole process of finding a new vicar to God´s guidance. Give strength and energy, we pray, to those doing all the extra things that Mark did so well, cheerfully and quietly.

Saturday, 02 Mar 24

We pray for the Church of England as it tries to represent so many different voices and opinions. May it be given great wisdom to know what is critical to the truth of the gospel and what is open to interpretation. May those in authority be willing to take hard decisions to remain faithful as servants of Christ.

Sunday, 03 Mar 24

Dear Lord You are the Good Shepherd, and it is you who is leading and keeping your people through these days. We ask that our services and groups this weekend would lift people’s hearts to you and encourage us all in our faith. We ask for new people to join this Sunday whether children, youth or adults and as they do please be drawing them to yourself and to receive the salvation you offer to all. Amen.