Prayer is a vital part of our life as a church. We believe that God delights to hear and answer prayer and that it is a crucial part of everything we do.

Prayer meetings

Described as the “engine room” of the church, our monthly prayer meetings are the primary place where we gather as God’s people to pray for our world, community, and church. These occur directly after the Sunday morning service at 11:30 am in the church hall on the second Sunday of each month. They are open to anyone, and we encourage everyone to come along. Please connect via zoom for those who can’t be there in person. We pray for different areas and topics each month, and there are always activities for children so that families can get involved, too.

Prayer chain

To keep us praying for one another as a church family, we send an email out weekly with requests for personal prayer from congregation members. If you would like to request to be on the prayer chain for any given week or to receive the weekly email if you don’t already, then please contact the office who will be in touch (you will also need to have completed a church GDPR form). Due to the personal nature of the requests, the prayer chain is not made publicly available, and we would not grant permission to receive it from someone not known to us.

Other opportunities to pray

Prayer themes

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Prayer Calendar

Receive daily prayer prompts right in your calendar: please get in touch with the office for more details. Prayer during our services: All our services include a time of corporate prayer that is led by a member of the church.

Prayer after the service

This opportunity to be prayed for by a member of our prayer team is currently on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic but will resume in due course.

Would you like us to pray for you?

Please feel free to submit a request to be shared in confidence with members of our leadership team who will be praying for you.

Submit Prayer Request please get in touch with the office for more details.

Prayer Calendar

Monday, 04 Jul 22

We pray today for St John's Online, that it would remain fresh and biblical, and that everyone taking part in it would find it an encouragement to explore the Christian faith and grow in it.

Tuesday, 05 Jul 22

Today we pray for ourselves as a congregation, that we would grow in Christian maturity, and that God would make us willing to take up positions of service and leadership in the right capacity and roles when we are ready. Help us to be prepared to use our gifts to glorify you and to serve others.

Wednesday, 06 Jul 22

In the light of recent troubles and events, we pray that as Christians we would not grow cynical or blasé about standards in national life, but rather that we would strive to be the salt and the light and to live by example in our own environments. Pray too that God would lead people of high calibre and good character into positions of responsibility.

Thursday, 07 Jul 22

We continue to pray for a just and peaceful settlement to the war in Ukraine, and today in particular that disruption to global food supplies as a result would be kept to a minimum. We pray especially for those countries who are already facing difficulties in this area.

Friday, 08 Jul 22

We pray for our world, and that an answer would also be found to the twin demands of energy supply and environmental protection, given both the soaring energy prices and extreme weather conditions in places. Help us too not be greedy or thoughtless in our consumption of resources.

Saturday, 09 Jul 22

As we think of World Mission Gift Day tomorrow, we pray that we would develop and maintain a keen interest in the work of the Church throughout the world, in all its forms but particularly in seeking to reach those who do not yet know Christ.

Sunday, 10 Jul 22

Dear Lord: I am ready to follow you courageously today but give me the strength I need to do this. Help me not to forget you nor turn from your ways, but I ask that everything I do would be done by your power and for your glory. We ask for the groups and services this weekend to be really helpful for all people as you build faith, build your church, and reach out to others. Amen.