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Prayer Calendar

Saturday, 15 Jun 24

We pray for families as they plan holidays. May these be happy times of growing love and knowledge of each other free from too many 'screens'. We also pray for those making decisions about organising or serving at Christian camps or missions and for those thinking of attending. May life-changing experiences and lasting friendships be their reward as they grow closer to our Lord Jesus.

Sunday, 16 Jun 24

I am ready to follow you courageously today, but give me the strength I need to do this. Please help me not to forget you nor turn from your ways, but that all I do would be done by your power and for your glory. We ask for the online groups and services this week to be so helpful for people as you build faith, build your church, and reach out to others. Amen.

Monday, 17 Jun 24

give thanks for yesterday’s services, in particular for Rob’s sermons on The Response of the LORD from Exodus and thank the Lord for Rob’s great contribution to St John’s

Tuesday, 18 Jun 24

praise the Lord for the wonderful response to the World Mission Gift Day appeal and pray for the work of the organisations that will benefit from the gifts

Wednesday, 19 Jun 24

hold in your prayers Miriam and Luke at this great time of change for them as they move away, Luke takes on a new role in Exeter and they await the new addition to their young family. Give thanks for all they have done at St John’s in their time here. And pray for Nick Wooldridge and his family as they prepare to move to Felbridge

Thursday, 20 Jun 24

pray for the lead-up to the General Election on July 4th and for next week’s Hustings event at Trinity. In particular, pray for the election of MPs of integrity and vision who have the interests of others at heart rather than self-interest

Friday, 21 Jun 24

pray that today’s Glebe Café morning will be well-attended with good conversation and fellowship